Stef and Rob (Wedding at Iscoyd Park)

Stef and Rob (Wedding at Iscoyd Park)

I attended the wedding of Stef and Rob’s wedding at Iscoyd Park, a beautiful wedding venue not very far from me in Salford.

Iscoyd Park is differently one my favourite wedding venues in the northwest. Iscoyd Park is an incredible house set in a eye capturing setting and has rooms and accommodations, making it a perfect wedding venue for you and your guests! – This means you can stay over and get ready so that you are bright eyed for the morning ahead.

The weather was marvellous which always helps. Stef the bride – had fantastic Bridesmaids. Like this it’s the first time I have ever seen a bridesmaid and in particular a sister (Charlotte) go to see the Groom and actually do his hair on the day of the wedding. I don’t think she was even a hairdresser! However, it did look awesome and I am sure Rob would agree. Charlotte was a lovely lady and had many skills she kept throwing out as the day unravelled, as performing the funniest little song during the speeches. I am a big sucker when it comes to speeches as well and got teary eyes quiet a bit.

I wish Rob and Steff all the happiness in the world and below you will find some images from there amazing day.

Check out the video slide show which the main shooter Ioan did including some of my images.

Here are the wedding suppliers Stef and Rob used:

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