Liz and Rob – Newfield Hall


I love snow! crunchy, white stuff – Do you! Snow, is always a topical subject when its around, Facbeook is covered in snow related comments, the jokes arrive and so forth. We are moan that snow turned into ice and you went flying, or you was stuck on a train… Well, I had my first Winter Wedding with Liz and Rob on the 9th December 2017. It was Snow-mazing. 


Due to the weather, I travelled to Saliaburn the night before, as this is when the snow started, I only have a small VX Golf, so that thing won’t handle it. It took me a while but I arrived around 7pm and was unable to even drive to the farm. Luckily, I was saved by a 4×4! Camera, Laptop, Lens! boom! into the 4×4 they go!

Winter Wedding

This gorgeous bride and groom have been planning their wedding for well over a year everything they picked was a fantastic choice. Especially the reception venue. They are real working farmers, they wanted this lifestyle to be brought into the wedding itself and they men all was wearing Twed! from when I first spoke to Rob at my partners farm I knew this wedding would amazing – and honestly it was. What makes it even better is that Newfield Hall has an amazing history with incredibles views across the Yorkshire Dales. It has everything you want for something a little bit different  – and the sunsets are incredible.


The day of the wedding!

‘It was snow-perfect. It was white everywhere, my first thought was ‘exposure’ ‘white balance’ – waaaaa. I arrived at Liz for bridal prep after a few hick-ups with snow! – thats snow-good. For a bride on a day like this, she came across so chilled out, (prob all the snow around her. It was a great time to get to know people that where close to Liz and get a feel for her family up bringing. Family means a lot to KA Events. The day started off photographing Liz and her bridesmaids at family house of Liz. It didn’t feel long before the dresses were on. Looking around the house you can just see how close this family are, it so nice being a part of their day.


The ceremony 

We arrived at St Andrews Church in Slaidburn, late of course – guess why? SNOW! – it’s really snow-good. It felt rather quick paced into the church…. Liz looked amazing! she really did, her dress was out of this world. I was bricking Liz slipping in the snow, but luckily for Liz she had some awesome footwear and not the ‘traditional’ shoes with heals! thats my kinda girl! The church in itself was lovely as well. It had a real sense of community / village to it. 


Newfield Hall

Winter Wedding

After the ceremony, we arrived at Newfield Hall, which was a fantastic venue. My amazing colleague Geoff was on hand to start the day at Newfield Hall. For those of you that don’t know, Newfield Hall is a former country house near the southeast of the village of Airton, North Yorkshire. it’s now an hotel and one fantastic one it is. A grand home with extensive views of the Yorkshire Dales. The venue surroundings is most certainly where the group shots had to taken! but my concern was the weather, would they be up for it, would they ‘chill’ like literally outside whilst we do it.



Well, the foods was incredible, it looked good, it smelt good and guess what it tasted good! Geoff and I were able to chill out and enjoy a bite to eat, whilst we had a chat about the rest of the day and images we wanted to do. During our conversation one of the lovely guest came into the bar area and there was no waiter she had nipped into another room, we joked with him and said its self service, to which point he walked round and did his own pint, well, we where in stitches, the lady came back and looked a little surprised and was unsure what to do, she didn’t even tell him off, let him carry on pouring it, and sent him back round. She laughed it off as well.

This is what I mean about a relaxed amazing venue and such politeness from members of staff. They were incredible.


Mums speech at the wedding

The speeches started with the lovely Christine – the brides mum. Well, she made me laugh and the rest of the room. If I didn’t need the toilet before I did soon after. I never expected this level of humour from Christine, she was great and really got the crowd warmed up. We all know the personal stories of the children growing up happens! Poor Liz! the first thoughts on the B.F! – sorry Rob!


The evening

We spoke too the majority of the guest and got a real understanding of the lovely couple, even down to when Liz was three and who she hung around with. It felt like I knew them all my life. Everyone was fantastic and up for a laugh and the kids just loved the camera! The first dance was to Perfect by Ed Sheeran. The love and bond these two have is out of this world. KA Events would like to wish Liz and Rob a fantastic future together. 


The day wouldn’t have been a success without the help of the following wedding suppliers which made Rob and Liz’s vision into a reality.

Newfiled Hall – All staff for looking after the bride and groom, including Geoff, myself, the DJ and there staff! – Claire, – she is one great manager and I am to be like her one day!

St Andrews Church For leading a great cermemony and being patient with a lot of people arriving late due to the weather conditions.

Kaleidscope Imagery Geoff for all his assistance in shooting with me. – He’s a top bloke!

Manchester DJs – Steven Thompson for providing great tunes. 


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