School Prom Photographer in Manchester

The School Prom Photographer in Manchester

So KA Events had the pleasure to be the school prom photographer in Manchester for the sweet sixteen – School’s out for summer prom! Those of us reading this who are past 16, and have entered the world of college, 6form, work or a summer of fun will know what is really like to graduate from High School. Everyone will have experienced a very different time at school – but we all know.Schools out for summer! For some, it will be the last time they return to there high school, some might never see anyone in there class again and a few will have made friends for life where they stay in touch or others will be going in to college with them and embark on a new life together. 


School Prom Traditions

Lots of places over the UK, when a young person reaches year 11. It become a tradition to have a school Prom. A school prom is a celebration of your 5 years or so in high school, a celebration of grades you might receive in GCSE / End of the GCSEs but is importantly the last night you will be together most likely with your fellow colleagues before you embark on the adult life.


What we did!

Geoff and I, arrived at the Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel early to meet the staff at the venue and check it out and set up our back drop board where we capturing images of the students entering, when they are dressed up to the max (before the dancing commences and the shirts become loose). This particular school, in the north west, had never done a prom before. It taken place in Manchester on a Sunday evening in June. It was needless to say the students where very excited and entered the venue with lots of energy, they all looked amazing, suited and booted and the ladies where in, incredible dresses – they all looked very grown up and will have made there parents and careers proud.


Dancing the night away

The students where dancing the night away from start to finish, this was before the food was even served, in-between the courses of food they where dancing away – desert was even left on a few tables because they just wanted to have fun. I have never met such an energetic bunch of students in my life!


I would like to wish the students, all the best in their chosen career, I am confident you will have an incredible life ahead and I hope all your dreams and ambitions come true.


School Prom Photographer in Manchester?

if you would like your School Prom to have a photographer or DJ next year. Then get in touch today to book KA Events.

I really do love being a school prom photographer In Manchester. After all, it is my home town.